Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Goal Numero Uno: Reduce the number of elderly runners passing me.

Training won't officially start for another couple of weeks, but I have been especially on the ball for exercise lately. Turns out all I ever really needed was an overpriced gym membership. I switched to the gym at the Ritz, and you seriously can't keep me away from this place. I steam! How fab is that? Anyway, if anyone's asking, aerobics classes are still fairly humiliating (I had hoped time would heal), but I have learned that humiliation is best served with a steam.

I other news, I ran the three-mile Capital Challenge race this morning. It's a really small race, but lots of members of Congress run it. I would have been just fine of my time (about 28 minutes) if CHUCK GRASSLEY hadn't beat me. He's 72, just fyi. I was coming up on the finish line, when I heard the announcer yell out "Here's Chuck Grassley!" I said "Aw, crap!" and the guy next to me said "seriously, this is humiliating." My saving grace is that I beat John Cornyn. He was trailing me through the whole race. He almost caught up to me toward the end, and I said "Senator, you've gotta slow down. I'm from Texas, and I have to tell my family that I beat you." Then, I booked it for the final quarter mile. I think I'm going to avoid him until he forgets what I look like.


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