Friday, June 16, 2006

Daphne, 1; Treadmill, 0

This has not been a great, great workout week. I have stuck with the training schedule, but my cross-training on off-days has been less-than-stellar/ non-existent. This is mostly due to my refusal to wake up until it is late enough that I get to spend my first hour stubbing toes and repeating the same expletive until I get to my car. Also, I am adjusting my schedule to accommodate the fact that the best, best, best show on earth is back for its second season.

That said, I finally got around to conquering this monstrous treadmill routine, so I am currently feeling totally invincible. Maybe that is why I just ate a bunch of jelly beans and yogurt covered pretzels about three minutes ago (by the way, could yogurt covered pretzels possibly taste better? And that obviously leads me to wonder, has anyone invented any sort of yogurt-covered pretzel ice cream treat yet? Because that might actually taste better than yogurt covered pretzels.)

Anyway, tomorrow's training run has changed from a 7 miler to a timed run, which means how far you run depends on how fast you are, but nobody has mentioned how much time is actually involved. So I don't know how far I'm running, but I do know that we will end up on the site of the Team in Training picnic. I am obviously real happy about this development, because when is a better time to make new friends than right after running a bunch of miles? Basically, never! This will give me an opportunity to show off the fact that, after I exert myself, my face stays bright red for about a year. It's pretty.

I sound all negative, but I actually am looking forward to meeting all the people. It's funny how, as an adult, rarely you walk into a room where you don't know anybody. Anyway, meet me back here in a few a days so we can make fun of them.


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