Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's a zoo out there

First of all, did you guys ever notice that the song "Eye of the Tiger" adds significance to anything you are doing? Because it is on my ipod running mix (and everybody else's on earth), sometimes it will come on when I'm driving or grocery shopping or whatever.

So, you'll be minding your own business, unloading the dishwasher with headphones on, and you hear that dramatic "DUN. DUN-DUN-DUN." Suddenly you are sorting forks and knives with purpose! You are still putting away dishes, but it's more like you are putting away dishes HARD CORE! Anyway, I digress.

Great news! I was about to write that I was really bummed that I failed to complete the 4-mile training run scheduled for yesterday, but I just mapped it and guess what? I was wrong! I did run 4 miles! It was really miserable and ickly hot, but according to my calculations, I gave up right where I was supposed to give up! Which, obviously, isn't really giving up at all!

That said, Saturday's run is nine freakin miles. Blech.

In other news, I am holding my first fundraiser on July 6. I think I will send out this invitation tomorrow. I am also trying to think of some stuff to raffle off. Charlotte brilliantly suggested that I sell my personal running mix CDs for $5 donations.

Still no decision on which race to run. I'll be in touch.


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