Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Prologue, or Look Before You Leap!

There are about a million reasons why taking the day off of work yesterday was a good idea. Nobody tells you about one of the most important -- the sudden, semi-temporary loss of irony.

Finishing the marathon was exciting and uplifting and metaphorical and, basically, all of the stuff of Hallmark cards. During the race, when you are emotionally unstable and begging for inspiration, you find yourself experiencing the world without the snide edginess that is such valuable currency in real world.

I was running next to those guys with the American and Marine flags, and I found myself thinking "why yes! God bless America, indeed!"

I would have typically appreciated the flags, but my state had me looking at everything with fresh eyes, seeking out meaning like a college freshman in a poetry class.

You start thinking through cliches and song lyrics, one after another, and reproving them in your mind like mathematical formulas. (People who need people are the best people in the world! We should reach for the stars!)

If Philippides had run 30 miles instead of 26.2, who knows what could have happened. All of the art in my apartment might be replaced by posters of kittens dangling from tree branches with the words "hang in there!" across the bottom.

And I love that. It takes a lot to shake up your perspective. I may have returned from the brink of cross stitching the news that home is sweet onto a tea towel, but I like that I took a little break from sarcasm. Sometimes you need a reminder that we just aren't all that special -- there are a lot of universals, and when it gets down to it, that's a comfort.

Alrighty, this is feeling a little touchy-feely for me, so I'm going to have to cut out of here before I have to make use of a defense mechanism.

Physically, I am much better, but still very much in the walking funny stage. Stair and chairs remain worthy enemies. But guess what? I ran a marathon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn right! You're a marathoner and always will be.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006  
Blogger jeanne said...

So true! I'm usually a sarcastic bitch and I found myself telling people I loved them. OK, they were people I knew. Sort of. Not really. But still!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006  

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