Thursday, October 26, 2006

Holy Crap It's Three Days Away


That is basically what is on my brain ticker right now. It looks much like this:

"Election's coming up ... hmmm, good Post story on frogs today ... THREE DAYS ... ohhh cute shoes ... feet ... TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES ... frogs are pretty cute ... would I be more morally conflicted working at a health insurance company or a horse slaughtering facility? ... man, I sure like coffee ... oh my gosh, three more days ..."

Sorry, that ran longer than I intended, but what are blogs for if not self-indulgent self explanation?

A good friend who ran a marathon a few years ago lent me a great book on all the mental aspects of running. It's all about relaxing and thinking positive yadda yadda.

It's big on creating little affirmations to repeat as you run, and the authors encourage you to come up with your own. There are several rules to this like, keep it positive and short, but what is most awesome is that they RHYME! I love rhyming.

They give examples like "Relax, relax, to achieve the max!" and "I am in control and ready to roll."

So, as instructed by the book, I am trying to come up with my own. I encourage you to post some, too.

"Think less of the hurting, and more of opportunities for flirting."

"If running for you doesn't feel right, try running for reasons like revenge -- and spite!"

"Run fast to live, and to outpace the guy with a shiv."

Actually, this game is a lot for fun without the rhyming:

"It's easy to run fast when you are being chased by rabid wolves."

"I don't have to win, but I do have to beat that guy."

"Quitters never win, and walkers never get to wear bikinis."

"If their stories are inspiring, they better be behind you."


Blogger Kate said...

Relax - you are going to rock this thing. :-) ~Kate

Thursday, October 26, 2006  

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