Monday, October 23, 2006

This One's For You, Mom

My friends finished the Chicago marathon yesterday, and somehow that took me from "high on optimistic anticipation" to "spiraling through waves of abject terror." That is, I'm a little nervous now.

So, that is one explanation for the distinctly not-me decision I made this weekend: I made an acupuncture appointment.

Now, acupuncture actually falls in the category of stuff I like to use as fodder for making fun of Mom, but, apparently, some things are more important than that (nobody was more surprised than me).

Basically, if enough people told me that wearing a Little Bo Peep costume and sleeping in trees would get me through the Marine Corps Marathon, I would be like "do you guys know where I can find a petticoat?"

Hence, at 6pm today, send me some good thoughts. Because I will be a nervous little pincushion about then.


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