Friday, September 15, 2006

I've Been Keeping Something From You

So, I promised some good cheer today, and I do like to keep my promises. That particular promise will be kept right after I do this thing:

So, I wanted to tell you, and I almost did a couple of times. At first, I was just too sad. Then, as I went through the seven stages of grief (spending a particularly long time on "anger"), I started to worry that it would bring you down too much. But I think I have really come to terms with it, and I think I can now help you get through it, too.

On Sept. 6, the world became a slightly uglier place. Some monster, some total sociopath, launched a vicious attack in the dead of night on my totally unarmed, brand new (7-year-old) car. When I came out on the morning of Sept. 7, her back window lay at a grotesque angle against the headrests of the back seat. She didn't understand why she was being punished; she knew not why she wasn't protected in the warm arms of a garage.

Anyway, she is going to be all fixed up on Monday. The surgery was traumatic (and shockingly expensive), but the results should be impressive. She will be all that she once was, albeit a little more jaded, a little less innocent.

Ok, back to happy fun time!!

Oh, crap, I have no more time. Happy fun time will commence tomorrow, when I report back on chirunning.


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