Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Forgot the Best Part

In the novel I posted yesterday, I somehow failed to recount the actual tipping point, whereby I realized that I must find a way to run the marathon.

My good friends Angela and Steve are set to run the Chicago Marathon this weekend. They have been incredibly supportive of my efforts, constantly checking in on my injuries and basically giving me an outlet so that all my other friends don't start avoiding me so they won't have to talk about that damn marathon business again.

So, since they wouldn't have their friends cheering for them in Chi-town, I decided to whip up a care package for them. On Thursday, I sat down to create before-the-marathon and after-the-marathon CDs, and immediately found myself in the Bell Jar.

The idea was for the music to get them excited about their marathon, but it was actually getting me excited about my marathon. Which, of course, was immediately followed by an intense desire to stick my head in the oven, since I was operating under the idea that I was going to be sidelined.

I started thinking, what am I going to do on Oct. 29? Will I cheer on the race route? Will I sulk at home? I couldn't bear it.

That's when I started cooking up the plan to create a last test for myself on Saturday, and the rest, as they say, is recorded in my previous blog entry. Hooray! Thanks Ang and Steve!



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