Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Will Totally Make It Up To You

Ok, now that was just inexcusable. I can't believe how I have neglected you. It was irresponsible and selfish, and I swear it won't happen again. Seriously. Look, I'm sorry, Ok? What else do you want? God, I can't talk to you when you are like this. Let's just talk about something else, ok?

First of all, I have some updates for you. Remember when I told you about the website where you could map all of your runs and save them and basically have your own map-a-licious website? Well, we totally got in on the ground floor of that one. Now, it's gotten all famous and the whole website has improved quite a bit.

Also, remember my lifelong quest for some sort of apparatus to keep my hair out of my face while I run like the wind? Well, I think TNT friend Kate was the one to recommend Goody's StayPut line of hair stuff. I finally got my ass to a Target and found them, and they are easily the best hair holder-backers I've found so far. I know, you're excited. I can tell.

Anyway, onward ...

So, some of you may have suspected that my blogging habits indicated my training was going down the tubes. Not true! Training is going great. Here's what I did Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Wednesday -- and tonight I will probably do about three miles on the treadmill.

Tomorrow morning is exciting, because I am back to nine miles! I'll let you know how that goes.


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