Tuesday, June 27, 2006

For those of you who want to look like me

Nothing like a couple of 2 hour commutes in a row to get you rethinking your career goals. I’m now on the lookout for a job that can be done from, say, my living room. Or the Starbucks up the street. Or in a city with some sort of drainage function. Anyway, I will complete my bitching with this slide show of the road I typically take to work.

Whew, ok, I think that’s passed. As promised, here are some of my running must haves. This is like “Oprah’s Favorite Things,” except for non-billionaires who run a lot (not that Oprah doesn’t run. In fact, she did a marathon before we did. Rock on, Oprah.)

These are my favorite shorts, which I bought last weekend. They are super soft, and they sit slightly lower than other running shorts, but not jailbait low or anything. I want more of them.

Here is the water belt that I love and the water belt that I hate. There are several reasons for hating the latter belt, not the least of which is that you have to drink from this abomination like a weird baby bottle. Ew. Huge bonus on the new belt is a little pocket that can hold my ipod, which I prefer over strapping it to my arm.

I think the best tops are Under Armour, but they are expensive. I don’t know how much y’all want to talk about my underthings and whatnot, but let’s just leave it at that I am somewhat of a Champion girl, although not always.

Lately, I am on the prowl for stuff to hold back my bangs (was this a problem in the 80s?). I used to clip in about 7,000 little barrettes, but my pride got the best of me. Now I use a head band like girls in private school wear, but that’s probably not a permanent solution. Suggestions encouraged.

Oh, one more thing, I liked the idea of wristbands that one can use to mop one’s brow and such, but I hated how big and sort of confining they are. But then I found out about bicep bands! I don't really know how or why these things are actually supposed to be used, but they make a much smaller and looser wrist band. Also, I felt kind of hard core buying them, because I think they are football-related. Hot.


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