Thursday, June 29, 2006

Am I Lying? Maybe.

So, here’s the thing about having a blog when you are training for a marathon. From time to time, you don’t really feel like training for a marathon. Let’s say it’s been raining for about a century and your favorite TV show ever is down to 14 really awesome competitors, and people keep expecting you to show up to work and stay there ALL DAY … you get the idea. Over the last few days, I’ve been feeling more like training for an eating contest. (I would also be up for a hula hoopin contest, if anyone’s interested. But be warned, I’m good.)

Oh, so my point was that all of my awesome friends and family now see me and think “oh, that’s Daphne. She’s training for a marathon,” and then they ask me about it. Ultimately, this is how those clever trainers keep us from backing out. They are geniuses, because I would basically rather go out with one of those guys who sleeps outside the Uptown Theater the night before a hobbit movie even though they can buy tickets online than have to say “Oh, the marathon? Yeah, that was too hard, so I quit.”

Bottom line: if I quit, I plan to lie about it.

It's true, everything I say from here on out is totally in doubt. But here's the update, if you can believe it: Saturday's run is 10 miles! I'm kind of looking forward to this, because there are a lot of people in the program for whom this will be their first venture into the double digits. I think that will make it really fun. I hope it's not raining at that point, but I'm basically resigned to an underwater life now.


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