Friday, July 28, 2006

I Want to Run

Maybe this whole injury thing will be like when you keep a bull in a pen and mess with him a bunch, and then you let him out into the rink with Luke Perry, and, holy crap, nobody can stay on that bull for 8 seconds. In fact, Luke is just so good that he does stay on for 8 seconds, but then he dies.

My point, obviously, is that I am beginning to really miss running, and I am hoping that my enthusiasm and agitation will lead to an easy time catching up once I get the green light from the doc to run again. (In my very apt metaphor, I am the bull.)

So, this week is going fine. My PT appointment this morning was a full-on torture session. Stacy looks all cute and sweet until she starts pressing her thumbs into your shin splints and making you do exercises with your weakest muscles.

Still, the session of pain gives me some hope that I am going to be back on my feet soon. Stacy’s on board with me doing the Mud Run on Aug. 12, so we still like her.

This Saturday will be the first training run where I don’t even attempt to run. I am manning the water route instead, because who wants to be sleeping at 6:30 in the morning? Nah, I volunteered because I don’t want to fall out of the crew. I am still training for a marathon, after all. I should be dragging my ass out of bed like everybody else.

So, you guys know my policy on Friday work, right? I’m against it. Here’s what I have done so far instead:

1. Googled to learn fitness benefits of swimming. Learned that swimmers often gain weight because swimming makes people ravenously hungry. Sounds vaguely familiar (see last post). But I’m not going to think about that today. I’ll think about that tomorrow.
2. Used a paper clip to fix a fashion faux pas. I am very proud of this. I am wearing a nice black sleeveless top with a white bra (look, it is hard enough for me to get to the gym by 7 a.m., but I am also supposed to pack matching clothes? Be reasonable.) So, I was getting increasingly self-conscious and it was really driving me nuts until I had a huge epiphany and paper clipped the straps together in the back. Now, it’s as if I am wearing one of those fancy criss-cross bras, and the straps are pulled in enough that you can’t see them at all! Seriously, take that Macgyver.
3. Discovered another website that stores up running routes. I know, you are thinking, how many of those do you need? Well, pipe down, because this one allows me to have my own webpage! Sooo, now I have to load it up with every route I can conjure. This is so fun. If you want me to prepare a route for you, just let me know. Any city, I swear. Try me.

In other news, guess what next Saturday is? My BIRTHDAY!


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