Friday, July 21, 2006

If Today Weren't Friday, I Might Just Quit My Job

I'm just kidding, sort of.

Anyway, my hip (or, as some might say, gluteal tendonitis) still hurts a little. I mean, really, that I can just sort of feel it all the time -- I wouldn't call it pain, per se. So, tomorrow I get to try to run 8 miles. If I feel pain beyond a "2" on a 1-10 scale, I have to stop. Blech

If I do have to stop, then I am facing an MRI next week, and I will probably have to take another two weeks off of running. All of this really, really sucks, but I am running this marathon, come hell or high water. Seriously, the humiliation factor is too high, and I've really got my heart set on it.

But enough about that. I believe I promised to share my extensive gossip website expertise. First, I'd like to address what I look for in a gossip website.

1. Up-to-date celebrity news. Accuracy is a nice bonus, but a handful of unsubstantiated rumors never hurt anybody. Much. Whatever.

2. Snarkiness. Interestingly, I've found that men truly excel at good old mean spirited attacks, which is why my list of sites is well-balanced genderwise.

3. Funny pictures. This is important, because it means a site has to be willing to risk lawsuits to post copywrited material. My favorite site have no fear, and I respect that.

4. Crude language. I don't know why, but it helps.

Alright, so now I will pass on the important stuff. Use it well.

1. The Superficial
This is what would happen if guys would just admit they love celebrity gossip. This website sets a new standard in snarkiness. If you are ever wondering if you are a bad person, read this website. You will feel like an angel. Not only is the writer really mean, he is also fairly sleazy. Excellent, right? And, ladies, I believe he may be single.

2. Go Fug Yourself
It is true that this site is designed to attack celebrity fashions, but it is really so much more. I am not big into fashion (I'm hoping nobody just thought obviously), but this is one of my favorite diversions. It is hilarious. Oh, and don't be afraid to utilize the categories on the left side. Allow me to recommend the selection of Britney Spears.

3. Pop Candy
This one is a great all purpose timewaster. It's fantastic for those days when I simply can't find the time to spend all day surfing the web. Whitney, who I fancy to be just like me, does it for me and posts all the worthwhile stuff. I am on board with her tastes in most things, so she sometimes helps be find a new author or band I need to love. This is a kinder, gentler blog.

4. What Would Tyler Durdin Do?
Named after the character in "Fight Club," this website rivals The Superficial in level of evil, but also in level of funny. So go there. You won't be sorry.

Oh, I really do have to work now. Dang, because I have news to report re: the mud run. Well, next time.


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