Monday, July 10, 2006

That Fur Ain't Mine

So, I really need to clear something up. It has come to my attention that several readers thought that these pictures were taken by me. As much as I love to take credit for others' work, I don't know what it says about me that you guys thought these were my legs.

Hey, I'll be honest. I wouldn't sign up for random leg inspections in mid-winter. I might be less inclined to purchase a new batch of razors when it's 20 degrees outside and I would sooner wear a sombrero than a miniskirt. But it's JULY, and those legs look like they belong to a pygmy gorilla.

I guess I'm just asking for a little faith, folks. Thanks.

In other news, I have a shin splint issue with my left (and very smooth and soft) leg (also having an issue with the question of whether "shin splints" is always plural. Please advise). Coach Rich was comfortingly blase about the whole thing, saying that my leg would probably strengthen and resolve the problem itself.
Just to be safe, I called to make an appointment with the physical therapy people at my gym. My insurance will cover it, so why not?

Saturday's run was only six miles -- from here on out, we will increase distance every other week. So, this coming Saturday will be 12 miles. When I have time to think about that, I think it will stress me out. Yesterday, I was accompanied by Laura, Kristin and Kerry to the Crescent trail for a 4-miler in million-degree heat. I love that trail, because it is semi shaded, flat, it has parking and you can buy drinks there.

This morning I dragged my ass into the gym for a "Butt, thighs and abs class," but I dragged my unaerobicized ass right back out of there as soon as it occurred to me that there were no locks on the doors. I was worried that I would feel bad about that decision later, but I gotta say, I'm still pretty happy about it. That was a cruel, horrible class that should be reserved for really bad people, not lil ol' me.


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