Friday, July 14, 2006


Let's be honest, we are not going to get any work done today. It's cool, I understand that you busted your ass all week and mamma needs a little me time. Power to the people, baby. Now let's talk about what you are going to do for the next 6 hours.

Favorite running related websites:
I don't understand how running existed before this website. If I am going get all sweaty and tired and not cute on purpose, then I want to know exactly how far I am going. Plus, if you don't know how far you went, it gets a lot harder to brag about it. There is nothing more demoralizing than someone saying "Oh, I've run that trail, but I'm pretty sure it's two miles, not five."

USA Track and Field
This site is great if you are running in a new city, or you are new to running in your city. You can search for routes near you and then not run them. Oops, that's just me.

Marathon Times
I am totally going to beat David Lee Roth. I will strive to meet the Boston Marathon qualifying time for the 70 to 74 age bracket, and it would be nice to beat Majority Leader Bill Frist and former Vice President Al Gore. I have little hope of outrunning Diddy. Anyway, this is an awesome list. Who knew that Billy Baldwin was such a speedster?

Bike Washington, Running DC
These are some decent mapped out local trails.

She Finds
Have you ever noticed that buying workout clothes feels a little workout-ee? I mean, like you are doing something good for you. There is no shopping guilt. You are merely facilitating your healthy, active lifestyle!

Race Calendar
Awesome excuse for a trip somewhere cool.

Other very important websites:
Local Goodies, and More Local Goodies

Local Media Gossip, and National Media Gossip

Dark, Awesome "Comic Strips" and Funny Drawings

Next Friday, I will share my celebrity gossip website expertise. I can't give away all my secrets at once.

Oh, and about the running: I have an appointment with the leg doc Monday and my physical therapist Tuesday. Yesterday was the first day so far that I haven't stuck exactly to the training schedule. Instead of running three miles as prescribed, I did three miles on the elliptical, which should be significantly less stress on my leg. It still hurt afterward, but not as much, so I just iced it. Today, I'll swim, drink a bunch of water, eat some carbs and hope hope hope I can run 12 miles tomorrow morning. We will see ...


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