Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How Did Daphne Get So Cool?

This has nothing to do with running or fundraising, but this seems like a good time to bring to light my life-long struggle with having cool parents. I know some of you had a tough lot, with highwater-wearing parents who said things like "You go to school to learn, not for a fashion show."

But I just want to note that it isn't all rock concerts and impeccable style for us, spawn of coolness, either. How do you think it felt for friends to come over in high school and say "hey, I didn't know you had this (cool) CD!" and I had to be all "I don't. It's my dad's."

Anyway, so I bring this up because I can't resist sharing Dad's most recent correspondence. This is what happened after I got him slang flash cards for Father's Day:


Thank you for the Slang 2 flashcards you gave me for father's day.

I used my new skills to salt the game of the scrubs at work. Meanwhile, the locs in the hood want to draw my vapors.

Another newb from Lockheed Martin was trying to gank my ish. When she made her faded proposal it was obvious the bee-yotch was jocking my idea. I said "snap, that's some dank statistical analysis of the program risk, but check out my mad flow." After I schooled her with my new ninja vocabulary she knew that she was acting a foo, mos def.

When I went home, my IPOD was bumpin while I was riding my pimped out fatboy through the hood with Logan on the back. She was so gully when we kicked down a dank house warming gift to my boos Glenn and Laura. Later I said" Yo G lets just kick it tonight and play that crazy Tomb Raider video game." She said "Fo shizzle". Logan went back home this week with Amie knowing that I am the coolest uncle ever.

Hit me later,



Blogger Hey Pretty said...

First of all--why so few comments on your blog? This is great stuff.

Second--could you do a post on the saftey of running/walking in rock creek park? Some of us who were in DC during the Chandra Levey era (me obviously) are still somewhat freaked to step foot in that area.

Third--I'm adding you as a link to the side bar of HP as soon as I get around to it.

-Kate (of Garfield House)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006  

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