Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I think I may have arranged for FOUR Cowboys-Redskins tickets at Fedex Field on Nov. 5. Now, if that isn't the best post marathon present ever, I don't know what is. Some of you may recall the last time I went to this game. If not, let me refresh your memory:

I am planning to try for a similar look this year (except for maybe the addition of a wheelchair, depending on how this damn race goes one week prior).

The seats are about as high up as you can get, although I believe they are actually slightly closer than we were in 2004. Since the website for Fedex Field allows you to see the view from every section, I have verified that I will be able to fully witness all the asskicking that the Cowboys will undoubtedly inflict on those sad little Redskins.

Oh, and I rocked that Stairmaster today. And if you don't think 15 minutes is an accomplishment on that thing, you obviously are no longer allowed to read this blog. Or, maybe you are this guy.


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