Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Doing The Swim. To Outkast.

Everybody was totally jealous of me at the pool today. And not just because I have the uncanny ability to move down the lane but still look like I'm drowning. In fact, it was because they were trying to figure out what the hell was on my head. They were saying Could it be? But no, there are no headphones in swimming ...

Oh, but yes.

My mom got me this technological marvel in honor of my birthday, and I've eagerly anticipating it's arrival for a week. It showed up today, and I got myself to the pool. It definitely made the swimming experience about 43 percent less boring.

Here's what I learned:
1. You have to make sure you push the headphones jack all the way in. I didn't do this correctly for the first lap, and I freaked out and thought I already broke it. This brings me to my second issue.
2. The stakes are high. I was sure I was going to break the damn thing somehow or another. One false move and you are basically not allowed to play anymore. This is the reason I probably would have never bought this for myself.
3. Swimming music needs to be purely high intensity. With running music, you can have an occasional Journey song for variety, but Journey is not welcome under water. I recommend 82 percent hip hop on swimming mixes.

We are T-minus two days from the mud run. I'm stressed. My physical therapist seems to thing that 5-mile run could tell us a lot about whether I will be able to train up to the marathon in time. That's pressure.


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