Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy, Happy Friday

So, today I am working from home, so I don’t have much time to blog and stuff. Yeah.

Are you guys excited about tomorrow!!! Yep, it’s true. It’s time to celebrate the TWENTY-EIGHTH anniversary of my birth.

I have a bad habit of taking half the fun out of my birthday by rounding up for the last three months of the previous year. So I won’t get the full charge out of saying “I’m 28” for the first time. I guess I’ll find some other source of joy.

About the running. So, I have the 5-mile mud run in one week. I haven’t run in approximately 1,000 years. I extracted permission from my physical therapist to try to run three of the eight mile training run tomorrow. But, if it hurts or something, I’m kind of worried that it will bum me out on my birthday. So maybe I’ll do it on Sunday. But I want to be with the group. So, I don’t know.

Also, since I may not update this beforehand, I should mention that I have a doc appointment Monday. He’s going to tell me what the MRI says. He may order a bone scan, but I hope not. Tired of being a gimp.

I want to give up some good time-wasting links (it’s the new Friday tradition), but all this work has tuckered me out. I might check back in a little bit.


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