Monday, August 28, 2006

The Sun is Shining, But Today Still Sucks.

It is SO HOT outside right now. Ew.

So, things are not exactly going a planned today, but I will try not to allow that to affect our relationship.

The best thing that happened today is that I was in the Great Gray Mass Called Virginia this morning, when I suddenly spied a Trader Joes! Oh, how I love TJs. Anyway, I thought that it couldn't get better than that, but there was more. When I was checking out (with a basket of random and unrelated items, which no person could ever pretend were on a list together), and the TD employee and I were having a big "me too!" conversation about how chocolate is good, she pointed out this product.

I am drinking it right now. I want to go on the road just to promote this wonderful, wonderful invention.

Anyway, that's as good as it gets. Otherwise, I have little sunshine to offer you.

That said, I can offer you some limited sunshine left over from Saturday. That's when I ran 6 miles! The leg was fine. The endurance was a slightly different story, but that I can handle. Oh, and I'm up to 19 minutes on the stairmaster. Once again, if that doesn't impress you, well, let's not be friends anymore.

I plan to run tonight.

Peace out.

I will be more fun tomorrow. Promise.


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