Saturday, July 01, 2006

Now I Can Set New Standards in Laziness -- Guilt Free

Bon matin bebes!

Ok, it’s 11 am on Saturday. What have you accomplished? Because I just ran 10 MILES! Inevitably, somebody is saying, “well, I saved a child from a burning building, reconciled with my estranged father and gave myself a pedicure.” If this is you, I really don’t think this is the blog for you.

Anyway, my little captive audience, it was a great run! Sometimes a “good run” just means that you wouldn’t run off a bridge to stop the misery. Today, a good run means that I never really considered walking.

Here are the two downers:
1) Whatever genetic mutation resulted in my “big” toe being shadowed by my second toe has finally caught up to me. Both of my show-stealing second toes seem to be developing calluses of sort on their tips. Too much information, eh? Well, saddle up bebes, because this trail ride is just leaving the stable.

2) I lost my ring. I was about halfway through the run, and it started annoying me (I know this is hard to picture, but I actually get far more neurotic when I’m running). I took it off, and I thought I put in my little key pocket, but who knows? When I’m that tired, I don’t think so well. For all I know, I threw it at a biker.

Ah well, I’m tough. I can handle some discomfort in my mutant toes and a slightly less accessorized life. Toughie.


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